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在FPU, we believe that God makes all things possible—from the fulfillment of your calling to earn a seminary degree to the impact you’ll have on the world. Your future in ministry, missions, theology, or counseling starts here.

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Pursue your calling in ministry, missions, theology, or counseling.

Theologically Sound

Biblical study built on the Mennonite Brethren tradition.


Evangelical mission, ecumenical learning community open to all.

神学院 入学

Rooted in an evangelical, 再洗礼派教徒, and ecumenical tradition, Fresno Pacific Biblical 神学院 will equip you with a foundation of 声音神学. Deepen your faith, change lives in the Central Valley, and transform communities throughout the world. Pursue your calling at FPBS!

FPU has exceeded my expectations. The theology program has challenged me, 鼓励我, and helped me hone my skills and discover my calling. I am passionate about helping others make meaning out of their experiences and encounter new depths of God's love.


神学院 Student 资源

Get the information you need to start your journey with FPBS. We keep our resource page updated with course schedules, special sources of financial aid, volunteer opportunities that qualify for required hours, and additional resources you’ll need once you’re enrolled.


We strive to make seminary accessible to all people who are called to serve. In addition to affordable tuition, we’re also here to help you explore applicable sources of financial aid, such as private seminary scholarships. Learn how to contact us for assistance.

访问 Fresno Pacific Biblical 神学院

Meet the faculty and students of FPBS! Come to the Fresno Pacific University main campus to tour the 神学院 House and the surrounding campus. We look forward to showing you all the ways God is at work here in this exciting spiritual community!

Explore the Center for Community Transformation (CCT)

We’re always imagining creative ways young leaders can shape the well-being of their communities. Our CCT program demonstrates how passionate we are about utilizing the assets of our faith community to address the valley’s deepest economic, 物理, and spiritual challenges.

关于 Fresno Pacific Biblical 神学院

Our roots run deep in The Central Valley. 始于1955年, Fresno Pacific Biblical 神学院 has grown to be a solid, 创新, and globally known theological institution.

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The best way to discover what’s possible for you at FPU is to visit us! Schedule your visit to our main Fresno campus now. Already interested? Then start your application today!