FPU努力 让我们的梦想家学生取得成就 他们的学术、专业和个人目标. 通过与校园各部门的合作, 并通过弗雷斯诺社区, 我们的目标是为所有无证学生提供一个安全和包容的环境.


我们想确保你有能力应付大学生活. Our dedicated staff and faculty are here to make sure you don’t have to navigate your studies alone. 从学术支持到同伴指导,我们都在这里为你服务. 访问 the pages below to learn more about the various departments on campus that would love to get to know you and walk alongside you on your FPU journey.


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We offer a variety of federal, state and private financial aid programs to assist students. More than 97 percent of FPU students receive financial assistance in the form of scholarships, 贷款, 助学金和许多校园就业机会. 去年,我们提供了2900多万美元的财政援助.

联络学生财务服务 查看经济援助的类型



没有美国国籍的学生, 不是永久居民,也没有学生签证.

无证青年通常被称为“梦想家”。. 这个名字来源于“梦想法案”运动. The Development Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act are proposed legislation first introduced in 2001. 它承认那些被带到美国的人.S. by their families at a young age should not be penalized for the rest of their lives or relegated to a permanent underclass of American society without access to higher education. 该法案经过多次修改, but all of them would give temporary legal status with a 6-year pathway to permanent legal residency to young undocumented immigrants, 如果这些人在很小的时候被带到美国, were attending or attended college or served in the military and passed criminal background checks and reviews. 国会参众两院之间, different versions of the DREAM Act were re-introduced multiple times over the course of ten years, 尽管两党都支持, 它从未通过. It has been estimated that about 2 million young people would have been eligible for the DREAM Act.


如果学生符合条件并申请了AB540状态, 他们可以填写加州梦想法案申请表, 并申请加州政府援助(Cal Grants) http://www.csac.ca.gov 梦想家不能获得佩尔助学金——这是一项联邦政府的助学金. Since there has been no legislation passed through Congress regarding undocumented students, 这些学生没有联邦资助. 学生 that receive California State aid from having applied for the Dream Act are also considered DREAMERS.


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals- this legislation does not change a student’s ability to attend college or receive aid. 这项法律的通过是为了给个人, 小时候来到美国的人, 工作许可证和社会安全号码(仅供美国国税局使用), 不是FAFSA). This will defer their deportation for two years even though they are not legal residents or US citizens. This legislation makes people weary of applying because it has been made clear that it is not a path to Immigration Reform. DACA申请的费用很高(495美元),而且有可能被撤销.

*An undocumented student may be considered any combination of the above terms if not all of them.


AB-540学生是指满足以下要求的学生. 它允许他们被认为是加州的居民,只是为了学费的目的. A student must be admitted to a post-secondary institution and meet the qualifications before applying to state aid (Cal Grants) through the DREAM Act application. 这个财务申请是专门针对AB-540学生的 万维网.ab540.com


  • 必须在加州高中就读至少三年并毕业.
  • 学生必须签署一份宣誓书,说明他们在加州的居住地.
  • 法律规定所有的信息都必须保密.
  • AB130- As of January 2013 students can apply for and receive private scholarships administered by public colleges and universities.
  • AB131-自2013年1月起,学生可以申请并获得国家经济援助, including Cal Grants and Chafee Foster Youth Grants for use at eligible public and private institutions.



是的,未来的学生可以申请FPU,无论他们的移民身份如何. There is no federal or state law that prohibits undocumented students’ admissions to public or private universities in the state of California. All prospective students will be reviewed under the same admissions criteria regardless of status.


Assembly Bill 540 was signed into law in October 2001 and allows eligible undocumented, 合法永久居民和美国公民.S. 公民学生在公立学院和大学支付州内学费.


  • 在加州高中就读3年或以上
  • Have graduated from a California high school or receive the equivalent, such as a GED; and
  • Submit an affidavit to the California public college or university you are attending or plan to attend. (弗雷斯诺太平洋大学不需要

而无证学生没有资格获得联邦政府的学生援助, students who live in California and meet the eligibility requirements for a non-resident exemption, 以及持有U签证或TPS身份的学生, 可以使用加州梦想法案申请(CADAA).

类似的, students without 社会 Security Numbers or students who have lost DACA status (or never applied for DACA), 可能仍然符合资格. 加州梦想法案允许无证和非居民学生(美国).S. Citizens and eligible non-citizens) who qualify for a non-resident exemption under Assembly Bill 540 (AB 540) to receive certain types of financial aid such as: private scholarships funded through public universities, 国家财政援助, 大学授予, 社区大学学费减免, 及加州大学助学金. 除了, 加州梦想法案, 允许符合条件的学生在加州的任何公立大学支付州内学费.


The CADAA is used by undocumented students who meet the non-resident exemption requirements under AB 540. 该应用程序可在 http://dream.csac.ca.gov. The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) processes the application and any aid received can only be used at eligible California public or private institutions.


University policies regarding disclosure of student records remain the same under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA. We do not release student records without written consent from the student or a lawfully issued subpoena, 手令或司法命令. It remains our policy to require the necessary legal documents before disclosing student records or information derived from student records.


A 社会 Security Number (SSN) is not required for FPU admission and institutional scholarships eligibility. 如果你没有SSN,你可以输入0(000-00-0000)继续. 学生 with a DACA temporary social security number are also highly encouraged to enter zeros in their admission application.

I have a DACA temporary social security number; can I use it to complete the FAFSA?

根据fafsa.如果你既不是美国人,也不是美国人.S. 不是合格的非公民, you are not eligible for federal student aid via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®).


是的, 你的临时工作许可证和社会保障卡是否有效, 他们可以用来申请实习, 校园, 以及校外就业.